Havertown Man Stars in Reality Show

Jordan Ketner, of Havertown, will appear in a reality TV show about veterans preparing for a benefit concert.

While millions of Americans tune in to the reality TV game shows to see people compete for money, love or fame -- which seem likely to lead to altercations of some kind -- Havertown residents will have a chance to see one of their own in a reality show with a positive message.

When army 82nd airborn infantry veteran and five-year Havertown resident Jordan Ketner's colleague -- and fellow veteran -- mentioned he got a call back in the casting for a reality show for veterans, Ketner became curious.

Upon research, Ketner liked the idea of the reality show "Band of Brothers," which aims to address Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by gathering 12 musically inclined veterans from various military branches and gearing them up for a benefit performance at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

Ketner, who was deployed once to Afghanistan in 2002 and again to Iraq in 2003, said he liked the idea of supporting veterans with PTSD because he suffered from PTSD after his last tour overseas.

"In Iraq, I was blown up by a roadside bomb," he said, adding that he was awarded a Purple Heart. "When it comes to painful memories effecting your everyday life, I’ve lived it."

His mission, Ketner said, was to help at least one veteran who is suffering from PTSD and hasn't sought help.

So Ketner, who has never sang for any reason but for pleasure, submitted a "ridiculously cute" video of him singing with his two-year-old son.

"Thank God for him," he said. "That’s probably why they picked me."

So far, Ketner said the reality show has been nerve-wracking, adventerous, confidence-building for his singing ability and fun all into one. But luckily, his bosses at the Department of Veterans Affairs don't mind his odd filming schedule. They consider it outreach, he said.

But informing non-veterans on the issue is also important.

"I feel like we as a combined group can put a couple faces behind PTSD," Ketner added. "We live amongst you and yet we all we’re just normal people.”

When it comes to veterans, Ketner hopes to help veterans suffering from PTSD arrive at the realization for some form of therapy. For Ketner, that therapy can even be as simple as music.

"So many times you loose yourself because of the disorder [and] you don’t really know who you are," he said. "The music, it can just bring yourself back almost like you’re alive again."

"Band of Brothers" premieres Sept. 13 on the organization's website only and will be shown every Thursday until Nov. 15.

Tickets are also on sale for the benefit concert at World Life Cafe in Philadelphia.

Theresa Pyne September 13, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Thanks for sharing this story. We have a lot of interest in Veteran's issues, and especially in this local one, with a Vet we know. Congratulations to Jordan!


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