Upload Your Summer Pictures, Win Prizes

Add a summer picture and you could win a Patch prize pack in our Picture of the Week contest.

Summer is in full swing and we want to see what that means to you. Is that a toddler attempting to eat an ice cream cone? A quiet beach? Neighbors having a water balloon fight? Hiking in the mountains?

Whatever it is, we want to see it. Please upload pictures. Let us know who is in the picture, what town he or she is from and maybe even a bit about that person. We also want to know in the caption what town you’re from and any other information you think we should know.

This is part of Patch’s summer Picture of the Week series, where we’re asking you for your best pictures on a certain topic each week. We’re enjoying seeing what pictures you have to share and look forward to more. We’ve added a little incentive. The winning submission will get a Patch prize pack, which includes a very soft Patch Tshirt, a baseball cap and maybe some other Patch stuff, but more importantly, you’ll get bragging rights.

We’ll be taking photo submissions each week from 4 a.m. Monday through noon Friday. Voting will begin at 4 a.m. Saturday and end at 9 a.m. Monday, so make sure to check back over the weekend to vote for your favorite picture.

To upload your photo, just click on the "Upload Photos and Videos" button. If you have more questions,.


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