Source: Coach Fired Due To Favoritism

Kelly Winther, the girls’ ice hockey coach, confirms that she was fired.

A source close to the Haverford Ice Hockey Club contacted the Haverford-Havertown Patch to state that another coach has been fired and it may have been due to favoritism.

This comes after a number of already high profile firings. The Haverford High School boys’ soccer coach got the boot last winter, followed by the high school boys’ basketball coach this spring, and then Haverford Ice Hockey Club boys’ coach last Friday. 

Now Kelly Winther, head of the highly successful girls’ ice hockey club, is the latest coach to go down associated with Haverford High School. 

Winther confirmed with Patch that she found out last Friday, April 15, that she was fired, without any explanation and the leading reason stated was a poor evaluation on an anonymous coaching survey.

Anonymous surveys are believed to be the leading reasons for the firings of Severini, McNichol and Cleary.

It should be noted that the Haverford Ice Hockey Club, to which Cleary and Winther were a part of, is not directly affiliated to Haverford High School, though the school does recognize the players as varsity athletes, yet do not award the players with a Haverford High School varsity letter. The Haverford Ice Hockey Club is a private organization not funded by Haverford High School nor funded by the Haverford School District.

What makes Winther’s dismissal more unique than the other three coaches is that Winther currently teaches in the Haverford School District, at the middle school. Because of that, she opted not to speak publicly about the matter any further than saying she was disappointed.

However, a source closed to the situation gives further insights into what might have gotten Winther fired.

“I believe that Kelly was fired because she did not pay a certain player any accolades. The player in question started complaining to her parents and any one else who would listen and rallied a couple of other players to complain to their parents as well,” the source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Patch.

The female player is allegedly the daughter of one of the board members of the club, the source revealed, but the source would not name the girl or the board member because of fear of retribution.

Board members oversee the Haverford Ice Hockey Club.

Despite being a “great” player, the girl was not chosen to be team captain and started to “butt heads” with Winther, the source stated, adding that other parents and even some board members allegedly started to complain about how uncooperative she was.

“The board member's daughter had definite attitude problems and was referred to as a ‘cancer’ on the team. As good as a player as she was she should have been kicked off, long before the coach,” the source revealed.

Because of this, the board member allegedly started to complain about Winther and wanted Winther fired back in October of 2010, but some board members objected to this, the source stated.

During a February meeting of this year the board decided that surveys, which one of them accompanies this article, would be sent out by March to parents to evaluate, among other things, the coaches of the various leagues. The surveys were returned to the Haverford Ice Hockey Club this April.

About eight surveys came back regarding Winther and about half of them were allegedly positive about her and the other half were negative, according to the source, stating that surveys played a key part in the dismissals of the two coaches at the club.  

Because there were complaints against Clearly over the years and a complaint about Winther was brought to the board in the fall, the board had a discussion regarding the two coaches and allegedly came to the conclusion that it would look suspicious if it fired Winther after one grievance and not Cleary, who had many complaints against him, the source declared.

The source voiced the opinion that Cleary was “sacrificed” in order to get Winther fired.

“I believe the writing was on the wall for both after that,” the source stated. “I don't really believe the surveys were the cause, I believe they were the convenient excuse. Let's face it, you can manipulate results any way you want to. ...” 

“Coach W. did not deserve to be let go and did nothing to warrant it. I think Winther was thrown under the bus,” the source stated.

The Haverford Ice Hockey Club’s surveys were used before the results came out about the two high school coaches, the source stated, adding that the school district has nothing to do with the ice hockey team. 

“The surveys were sent out independently and I think it is just a coincidence that this all came to fruition at the same time,” the source stated regarding the closeness of the firings at the club and high school. “There will be a new board voted on in May and hopefully they won't use the surveys again. This was the first year they were used.

“We’re hoping people will come out to the May 17 meeting and talk. Hopefully the new board will reinstate Kelly and Brian.”

In two years, Winther directed the Lady Fords to the InterCounty Scholastic Hockey League championship in their inaugural season last year, and guided the Lady Fords back to the league championship again this season, where they lost to Unionville.

Though Winther, on spring break vacation, was not in a position to speak, there were few people who were more than willing to speak up for her, and again, what is going on with coaches associated with Haverford High School.

“It bothered me what happened to Coach Winther, she’s an amazing coach,” said Haverford senior Lindsay Baker, a multi-sport varsity athlete at Haverford who played for the ice hockey team and will be attending Virginia Wesleyan next fall to play field hockey. “I was confused and angry that it happened. I liked Coach Winther. No one had an issue with her—in front of her face.

“What I have a problem with is that I don’t understand what is happening in this school right now. If coaches are doing a good job, why are they being let go? We were a new team last year and we won a league championship. I played with a bunch of girls I got along with and for a coach we all loved. It had to do with the surveys. I don’t agree with these anonymous surveys. I know the guys loved the ice hockey coach, I know the basketball team loved their coach, and the guys on the soccer team loved their coach. No one has asked for our input, other than those surveys.”

Winther’s assistant coaches, Brielle Jones and Dan Mariani, whose daughter, Leah, was on the team, were just as baffled. They were confused over the fact that the girls program was successful, yet it seems Winther’s fate came down to a few disgruntled parents.

“We’re all wondering what is going on here,” Jones said. “I don’t see any real reason behind it. … The girls appreciated her. I never heard anything from any of the girls, and I was the good cop, I was an assistant. I would like to coach somewhere else, but I won’t ever want to go back to Haverford, that’s for sure. I’d definitely like to stay with Kelly. It’s kind of terrifying that if you’re a coach, do you want to come to Haverford and coach here?”

Mariani has lived across the street from McNichol. He saw the time commitment and dedication he put into the boys’ basketball program, and followed suit himself in coaching various hockey teams—one time coaching four clubs at once. Mariani stressed that it’s not about the money, or the small acclaim that comes with coaching.

He said it was about the passion for sports and helping young people. Mariani, who also works for Haverford Township, wanted to make sure not all Haverford parents should be branded with the same “difficult” label. In fact, it is a scant minority that seems to be garnering the attention, he noted.

“I really don’t think this area will get a bad knock, because good parents are seeing what’s happening and they’re speaking up about it,” Mariani said. “With what is going on right now, would anyone want to coach in Haverford? I know I don’t like what’s going on. I think the evaluation process stinks. Kelly was a good coach. I think she at least deserved an explanation and possibly another chance. I enjoyed coaching with her for two years.”


Repeated phone calls and emails sent to the Haverford Ice Hockey Club and its president, Dave Martin, by Patch have not been returned.

Donna Lowry April 22, 2011 at 06:38 PM
I would love to hear what the president of the Board has to say!!! I am sure there are NOOOOO personal agendas there!!!
don s April 22, 2011 at 08:33 PM
name the parents ,name the kid, it sounds like a case of priveledged litle brats who don't get there way go crying to mommy and daddy guess what mommy and daddy your kid doesn't deserve to be a starter,or a captain.
Concerned Tax Payer April 22, 2011 at 08:34 PM
This is crazy The Survey should be eliminated it obviously is being used to fire the coaches. If I was a coach I would be a little worried. They are making a big mistake firing both of the ice hockey coaches. The program is successful each year. If a few players are upset with the coach. I would think you would maybe have a chat with both parties and try to come to a happy medium. It does not look like that happened. Concerned taxpayer
Devils Advocate April 22, 2011 at 09:32 PM
As a parent of the girls team I am wondering why I didn't receive a survey could it be it was only given to certain parents.... I have watched the girls grow together as a team since it's inception and feel that the coaches did an awesome job. I guess it's just another case of club hockey politics that I am sick of. As for you anonymous complainers maybe if you passed the puck a little and weren't so worried about your own stats and what letter is on your jersey you might actually earn the respect and admiration of your coaches and teammates. I only have a couple of more things on my mind first the "C" isn't always given to the best player but the player that is best for the job and in closing hopefully a newly elected board will rehire Kelly, after all you can't argue with success. Devils Advocate
John Kenedy April 22, 2011 at 11:58 PM
Hard to believe that school administrators would listen to influential parents !!!!!!!!!!!! Only kidding, of course. Horrible stuff but true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rich Miller April 23, 2011 at 12:38 AM
I think there ought to be a full investigation by the school board and a public meeting to explain what is going on.
billy April 23, 2011 at 02:24 AM
awe daddy's little girl couldnt be captian so she complained WOW
Brain Smasher April 23, 2011 at 03:00 AM
This whole town is infested with spoiled little Havertown brats running to Mommy and Daddy, they're a bunch of gutless cowards, they make me want to throw up!
Hockeygirl03 April 23, 2011 at 03:01 AM
This article doesn't say the other side of the story. Coach Winther treated her players horribly and was rude. She only cared about winning and was unappreciative of what great players she had. Sure she deserves a reason but overall how she acted was immature and unprofessional. Ask any other girl on that team and they will tell you the truth.
Brain Smasher April 23, 2011 at 03:02 AM
You're probably the one who got her fired or maybe your little piece of crap kid who sucked at sports.
haverfordhockey12 April 23, 2011 at 06:27 PM
As a player for Coach Winther I think she was a pretty good coach. Now of course we all had our problems with her but soemtimes we disagree with people. Overall she coached us very well and for the past 2 years we have gone to the championship. I may not be speaking for the entire team but I know there are a majority of us who think she was a very good coach. Personally I think three quarters of us want her back. Complaining about not being the capitan is just outrageous. The captian isnt always the "best" player it is someone who can lead the team and be a leader. As for the complaining player its just a matter of her not being number one. This is dumb and winther needs to come back! The board needs to be refreshed with new people that do NOT have players on the team because this is what happens. Stupid complainer.
hockeychic April 24, 2011 at 02:33 AM
I believe your "close source" might want to consider providing correct information. Haverford High School, DOES give varsity letters as indicated on the attachment to the ice hockey team(s).
Anthony Leone April 24, 2011 at 12:59 PM
Thanks for the information and the attachment, Hockeychic. Actually, the source did not provide information regarding the varsity letters.
Ralph Treat April 24, 2011 at 06:10 PM
I agree. Reminds me of a situation I saw unfolding about five years ago when one prominent DVHL club allowed the "inmates to run the asylum." As it turned, the "rogue parents" plan backfired, but, it set the club back about three years before they were able to get back on track.
concerned community member April 24, 2011 at 11:38 PM
Although no names were mentioned, it is poor taste to point out a single child as a potential catalyst for Mrs. Winther's unfortunate dismissal. These are high school girls we are talking about. No matter what happens between the parents, the school board, and these coaches, it is sick to throw 15 and 16 year old students into the line of fire. True names were not mentioned, but the Haverford Girl's Hockey team is a small organization, and would be obvious to members of the organization who the anonymous "girl" is. Whether or not these allegations are true or false, it is sick for grown adults to talk about a GIRL like this. High school is hard enough without being singled out by the media.
Alice Polidoro April 25, 2011 at 02:06 AM
I agree with concerned community member. No child should be referred to as a "cancer". It's disgraceful. I also agree that the anonymous surverys were a big mistake. The girls were divided with their feelings towards Coach Winther. Some were fiercly loyal and others had problems with her. Better comunication would have definitely improved morale. I think the Coach did her best and should be given another chance. Dealing with a group of teenage girls is not easy.
Donna Lowry April 25, 2011 at 02:34 AM
Concerned Community Member - it is obvious to everyone!!!
hockeychick89 April 27, 2011 at 08:17 PM
I think its funny how that people defend Winther in public and yet behind her back criticize her and talk bad about her. The worst part is that they won't tell the truth so it makes people believe that it is only one girls fault and that everyone loves Winther. Most of the team had a problem with Winther and actually had a team meeting with members of the board during the year to address it.This isn't just one girl it is majority of the team that was asking for her dismissal as head coach. It's not anything new and shouldn't be surprising since there have been problems between PLAYERS and coach since the beginning of last years season. Isn't it ironic how only the captain of the girls team was interviewed? Why wasn't anyone else? I'm sure they would have loved the chance to tell the TRUTH.
Kiera Marley April 29, 2011 at 03:00 AM
I love how the source complains about the surveys being anonymous, yet this person remains anonymous throughout this article. I’ve played for Winther for the past 2 years and feel that she didn’t have control of the team nor the respect from the majority of the girls. While she is a nice person, her COACHING experience is lacking. Maybe it’s the board’s fault since she was a new coach and they should’ve paired her up with stronger assistant coaches, but for people to understand what happened this season I challenge you to interview other girls on the team NOT just the captain(s). The team’s success wasn’t from her coaching ability, but fact that there are SKILLED players. We’d no set power play or penalty kill line (except for the championship game), which is ridiculous. If she was such a great coach, according to the minority, why when we had a girl concerned for her safety during a drill and skated away Winther said “get off my ice if you’re not going to do it”? Another example when a player asked her a question Winther replied, “I don’t have the time to answer you”. Come on, any other coach would have stopped the drill for safety or explanation! With 16 girls and a female coach there is bound to drama, but finger pointing to one girl is just immature, wicked & harmful. Furthermore, I feel that she was one of the best TEAM players we had this year. NEVER did I hear her state that she wanted to be a captain as “the source” stated.
hockeychicky April 30, 2011 at 10:19 PM
I honestly liked Coach Winther. I thought that she wanted everything for her players. I just feel that some of the girls on the team took advantage of her. Yeah, she made us do suicides every practice and a lot of the girls moaned, groaned, and complained.. well guess what girls.. thats hockey! Just think.. Coach Winther brought us to two championship games, even though we won one of them, she still wanted the best for us and was so proud to how far we have come. It was only Coach Winther's second year of coaching and she didn't get a whole lot of help from her players.. including the ones that didn't like her. I just think that some of the girls don't realize that they aren't going to like all of their coaches, but they have to get over it. Maybe the captain was interviewed because she was captain and deserved to be interviewed. Being a captain, you don't have to be the best one on the team or have the highest points in the league or on the team, a Captain is a person who wants the best for there team and that's what I think the captain for the girls team did. The team did have a lot of bumps in the road but overall I thought that it was smooth.


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