School Board Considers Trail on Property

Representatives for the project presented their case to Great Valley School District's facilities board, which will present the info to the board next Monday.

Representatives of Malvern Borough, Willistown Township and Willistown Conservation Trust set out to create a trail to connect green spaces in Malvern made their case to the Great Valley School District's (GVSD) facilities board Monday.

The four-mile Malvern-Willistown Greenway Project  -- which representative from Land Concepts Group Richard Collier, Jr. said is a tentative distance -- aims to connect 12 different green spaces both to promote physical activity and link area green spaces together.

The green spaces include the Paoli Memorial Grounds, Paoli Battlefield, Burkey Park, Quann Park, Randolf Woods, Greentree Park, Mill Road Park, S. A. Rubino Memorial Park, Malvern Borough Library, Sugartown Elementary School and General Wayne Elementary School.

Since the trail will run alongside the two schools, Greenway Project representatives need the district's approval before any action can be taken.

Collier said plans for the Greenway will be finished by the end of the year but sectional construction won't likely move forward for a year or more.

Though the committee was generally receptive to the idea, some concerns were raised in regards to maintenance and safety.

"I think philosophically of course it’s a project that anyone could get behind," said committee member Ellen Behrle. "But we, in this economy, need to make sure if there are costs for us that we know exactly what they are."

Collier said that not all details have been worked out, but he suspects each property owner will be the one managing maintenance -- namely cracked sidewalks or snow removal.

"I think frankly it’s going to work on a property-by-property basis," he said. "It could be a friends group [that does this]."

So far, Collier said, the plan is to use concrete for the trail, but macadam could be a better low-maintenance solution.

"A big issue for me is do we have to plow the snow off," said Richard Krumrine, committee member and supervisor of buildings and grounds.

Krumrine added that he is concerned about an individual slipping and falling during winter as well as the district being required to plow the walkway.

There will be a public meeting regarding the Malvern-Willistown Greenway Project in Sugartown Elementary School's cafeteria on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.

The facilities committee will present the information to the school board meeting on Oct. 8.

Jim October 02, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Green Valley School District?
Lane Blackmer October 02, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Fixed. Thanks so much for helping me correct my errors!
Regina DiLabbio Klugh King October 03, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Hey -- as a kid I walked everywhere mentioned in this Proposal via sidewalks in Malvern and while facing traffic on roads without! Still do! We were encouraged to be fit by our mothers, who'd gently and loudly announce it was time to go outside and pla, don't let the screendoor hit you on the butt! We had no nannies or au pairs to accompany us lest we trip and fall and scrape our knees! Rub a little dirt on it (not concrete or macadam), get up and continue! But Bactine came along in the 1950's and America became germophobic and "play dates" via car transport came to be, and computers/tv became babysitters, not the teen girl one block over. They've paved Paradise and put up a parking lot!!!!!!!!!


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