Only on Patch: Local Stories from CT Shooting

Here are the local connections and insider stories you can only get from the news source that covers the school and surrounding community every day.

Patch was founded on the idea of providing "hyperlocal" coverage to the communities we serve. That means that we don't "parachute in" to cover stories when a tragedy like the Connecticut shool shooting breaks. Patch is already there and is able to provide background and depth that is simply not available anywhere else.

Newtown Ct Patch is a great place to turn for persepctive you simply won't find anywhere else.

Here are links to some of the exclusive stories and Patch resources related to the school shootings you may be interested in:

Tell me about Sandy Hook School.  Here is the Newtown CT Patch Directory listing that describes the school in depth.

Those closest to her, remember the school's principal who was killed in the shooting rampage.

It's no cliche: every parent's worst nightmare. Newtown Patch has the stories of parents and caregivers depserate to be reunited with their students. In one case a forgotten cell phone number caused almost unimaginable panic.

How to help the families affected by the shootings: Newtown CT Patch has information on how you can help.

Local Residents Pour out their hearts and grief. One person posted an announcement on Patch saying " My heart was too heavy to hold this in so I took my pain out on my pen..."

Share your thoughts on the school shooting tragedy and send your condolences to the Newtown CT families and community at large in the comments section at the bottom of this article. We'll pass them along via our colleagues at Newtown Patch.


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