Parking Ordinance 'Not a Big Deal'

Although, seriously, this one seems like it won't impact anyone at large.

While its wording might make it seem scary, a first reading of a new proposed parking ordinance will not impact everyday resident parking, according to the Haverford Township Board of Commissioners.

At its meeting in October, the board had a first reading of a proposed parking ordinance that, as written, would prohibit the parking of vehicles on Hirst Terrace between driveways leading to 34 East Eagle Road at all times.

Commissioner Jane Hall said that, once resident understand what is behind the ordinance, it wasn't "a big deal."

"There is an apartment building that has a dumpster on Hirst Road and people are parking in front of the dumpster," she said. "Trash piles up and it can be hard to collect it, so we're just looking to keep people from parking in front of that dumpster."

Hall said that she understood resident concern about ordinances that included "parking restrictions," but insisted that this particular ordinance was not something that would be of great impact to the township at large.

"Not a bid deal," she said.

The Board of Commissioners will likely have a second reading of the ordinance at their November meeting.


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