Legal Marijuana: Pa. Voters Say No

A new poll shows that Pennsylvanians are still against legalizing marijuana, but not as much as they used to be.

Pennsylvanians don’t want marijuana legalized, but they favor letting adults use it for medical purposes, that’s according to the latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll.

Poll Results

The poll found that 55 percent of respondents said no to making marijuana legal, but that is down from a 2010 study, where 60 percent said no and a 2006 study where 72 percent said no.

Of those polled, 36 said yes, they support legalizing marijuana, which is up from 33 percent in 2010 and 22 percent in 2006.

When it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes, as recommended by a doctor, 51 percent of those polled strongly favored it, and 31 percent somewhat favored it. On the other side, 13 percent strongly opposed and 3 percent somewhat opposed. The results were not very different from the 2010 and 2006 results.

The Franklin & Marshall College Poll interviewed 622 Pennsylvania voters between January 29 and February 3. The margin of error is reported as plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.

What About Lawmakers?

State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) released a statement saying he will introduce a bill this session to legalize marijuana.

“In addition to raising millions of dollars per year from tax revenue, Pennsylvania would save more than $325 million per year by legalizing marijuana. The most conservative estimates say the revenue generated by taxing the sales of marijuana would amount to at least $24 million per year. Legalizing marijuana and taxing its sale could provide a multi-million dollar reoccurring revenue source that our state could tap into for years to come,” Leach said in a release.

Leach said under his bill, marijuana would be treated and regulated similar to alcohol.

What Do You Think?

Do you think marijuana should be legalized? What about for medical purposes? Share your opinions in the comments area below.

Josh February 27, 2013 at 01:25 PM
M e - got me confused now - you seem for stopping this never ending wasteful war on pot but its hard to decipher. Sue- I appreciate and respect your experiences and thoughts. Perhaps you will look into it just a little bit more, ton of literature in the true medical guides. I worked with autism about 18 years ago in the stone ages of treating it, for a pioneering firm that is now sought out, it is unfortunately a program that is so costly it's only a few scholarships per full pay. This is an area all political parties need to unite behind - the study and treatment of autism. If Cana meds help, then why prevent a life from 'blossoming out', a term used by many child autistic oriented profs.
michaellr April 19, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Marijuana by itself; no alcohol, no any other self administered substance added, marijuana by itself is a healing herb, Vaporized, made into food. peanut butter, butter, salad dressing oil, beverages, deserts, All ingested without smoking anything. No carcinogens, just pure THC. Use it if it works for you, I use it to reduce the chronic pain I have suffered these last seven years. Stop blaming the herb for the crimes that are mostly motivated by alcohol, Meth, cocaine, and heroin. Marijuana produces peaceful solutions to life's pains. Study the medicine and then produce an educated decision,with your freedom to choose. Please,do not use some dumb a__ ignorant uneducated cliche, to describe your brilliant uneducated opinion on the issue. The morality of using an herb to bring healing to my body and possibly yours after you study to show yourself approved will be more appreciated. Then if you do not have any need for the medicine marijuana at this time, good, great! Please let me medicate myself with the best medicine I have found for my conditions. Please, I promise I will not show up at the local pharmacy and picket your involvement with drugs you carry out in the little white bag with the paper that lists all the possible bad side effects that I would be totally in fear of taking, and I will stick with my natural, beneficial, peaceful herb, thank you. Blessings Michaellr
Jeffrey Poor June 24, 2013 at 02:59 PM
It should made 100% LEGAL!! It actually has benefits compared to alcohol and tobacco. The ones saying not to legalize it are the ones most likely selling it and dont want to lose out on their curb side slanging. GET A REAL JOB!!
My 2 Cents July 02, 2013 at 09:56 AM
Jeffrey your comment is ignorant. I see where you are very passionate about illegal drugs in your posts. To say people like me that are against it "ones most likely selling it and don't want to lose out on their curb side slanging" shows your comment is uneducated.
Ego_Death July 02, 2013 at 11:22 AM
1. Gov't has no right to tell me what I can and cannot put in my body. 2. All Drugs should be legal. Get the $ out of the black market, fund education and mental health services, eliminate turf wars and drive by shootings... You want to reduce gun violence...legalize it all and watch that gun violence go down over night. 3. Would you start smoking crack or shooting H if it was legal? 4. Then why do you think other people will?


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