Flaming Wire Burns Tredyffrin Lawn: Video

This is exactly why downed power lines are still so dangerous. A homeowner catches the scary scene on video as it unfolds on her front lawn.

Just before 4 p.m. Tuesday, a wire that had fallen on the front lawn of a Tredyffrin Township home caught fire, the homeowner reported.

According to the Fernfield Circle resident, a downed tree fell onto the wires of a utility pole overnight, causing the wire to fall across the street.

The electric was turned on Tuesday afternoon and the now live wire started sparking and caught on fire, burning part of the lawn black. Luckily, the grass and leaves did not catch on fire because of wet conditions, the resident said.

No injuries were reported. Tredyffrin police and Radnor firefighters responded to the scene. PECO was called to turn off the live wires. 

PECO also had to deal with another flaming wire on Fernfield Circle. Houses away, a wire being leaned on by an evergreen was sparking and flaming.


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