State Police Sobriety Check Points Result in 17 DUI Arrests

The Pennsylvania State Police-Media Barracks increased Delaware County enforcement on two separate weekends resulting in several arrests and citations.

The increased enforcement on two separate weekends throughout Delaware County resulting in several arrests and citations.

Over the resulting in the following arrests, citations or investigations.

  • 11 DUI arrests
  • 12 car crash investigations with 6 total people injured 
  • 60 speeding citations
  • 1 child passenger seat citation
  • 5 seatbelt violations
  • 82 miscellaneous citations, including following too closely and traffic light violations

A separate sobriety check point on April 13 resulted in the following arrests and citations:

  • 6 DUI arrests
  • 3 seatbelt violations
  • 4 miscellaneous citations
  • 35 written warnings 


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