YMCA Construction

This is the third week going into the fourth next week of this really dangerous situation on eagle rd.  The road is too narrow to build for all the traffic that goes through in that area daily, and it has gotten progressively worse as of this week.  The trenching in the road  that has occurred to install these curbs has taken out about 2 foot but then there are the barrels which take out about another 2 foot. So 4 foot of half a lane has been lost in an area that is already tight and congested.  This is were 3 lanes are but now is 2 and a half if that. The project should have been done in steps finish the one are then move on to the next, but this was not the case now in addition to the area in front of the YMCA they have expanded the construction area past there and past Hillcrest.  Also do to the handicap curbs being installed on that side of the road both sidewalks on both sides are closed this in turn has created a major pedestrian nightmare, and only about 2 weeks till the kids go back to school in the area where these sidewalks are used a lot by students.  This situation needs to be resolved immediately for motorist and pedestrians who use eagle road.  This should be a priority which I see it not as where days go on with no progress.   BTW the Y is no where near ready to open in less than a month and a half.  


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