Readers' Choice Poll: Best Places To Buy Plants

Vote for your favorite place to get plants in Havertown.

The Haverford-Havertown Patch wants to know where the best plants can be found in the Havertown area. What's your favorite:

Vote for your favorite place in the survey below and do not forget to click on the links above and rate the place on the Patch Place listing. You can even leave a review.

This week's winner—and future winners—will be determined by a new set of rules. We've implemented a point system in which the actual votes here will now account for 50 percent of the decision. How highly each business or location is rated on its Patch Place listing will account for the other half.

And check out some area Patch's that are running the same poll, such as the  and the .

Jim Cannon April 24, 2012 at 02:43 AM
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