Havertown Man Dies at 89

These obituaries are for residents of the Greater Philadelphia Area through March 18.

Maureen Barbara Coletti, of Havertown, dies at 77.

George Dart, of Havertown, died on March 15.

Edward Morris, of Havertown, dies at 89.


Other obituaries from the Greater Philadelphia area: 


Alexine Weaver, of Chestnut Hill, died on March 16.

Gladys Monier, of Bala Cynwyd, dies at 98.

Elizabeth Hopkins, of Ardmore, died on March 16. 

Frederick Caccese, of Wynnewood, dies at 89.

Phyllis Tabas, of Wynnewood, died on March 14. 

Nancy Louise, of Wynnewood and Bryn Mawr, died on March 13.

Gretchen Metz, of Ardmore and Rosemont, dies at 64. 

George Farley, of Bryn Mawr, dies at 86. 

Thomas Nicholson Jr., of Rosemont, dies at 90.

Daniel Ehart, of Wayne, dies at 89.

Hannah Kierana, of Wayne, dies at 64.

William Mellody, of Wayne, dies at 85. 

Charles Sower, of Wayne, dies at 86.

Theodora Stack, of Strafford, dies at 89. 

Angela DiSimone, of Berwyn, dies at 86.  

Lois Hartshore, of Malvern, dies at 84

Edward Morris, of Malvern, dies 89. 

Sumner Ziegra, a former Malvern Boy Scout leader, dies at 90.

Robert Manfredonia, of West Chester, dies at 70.

Ruth McCoach, of West Chester, dies at 83.

Robert McDevitt, of West Chester, died on March 12.

Georgine Royce Pieper, of West Chester, dies at 76.

Neil Strong, of West Chester, dies at 74.

Joseph Mitchell Warihay, of West Chester, dies at 90.

Robert Wright, of West Chester, dies at 76.

Thomas Fleming, of Phoenixville, dies at 59.

James Lorah, of Phoenixville, dies at 60.

Edward McGarr, of Phoenixville, dies at 76.

Charles Sower, of Phoenixville, dies at 86.

John Edward Bracken, of Springfield, dies at 63.

Robert McDevitt, of Springfield, died on March 13.

Harry Walsh, of Broomall, dies at 80.

Eric Ebling, of Newtown Square, dies at 40.

Frank Sellers Sr., of Newtown Square, dies at 93.

Margaret Blake, of Media, dies at 77.

Walter Cahill, of Media, dies at 64.

Gertrude Giorgini, of Media, dies at 76.

Michael McMonagle, of Roxborough, dies at 49.

George Nace, of Roxborough, dies at 94


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