Teen Scene: The Scary Thought Of Driving

Driving is a big responsibility, and I'm almost 16! I'm scared, nervous and excited ...

It’s around that time that all my friends are starting to drive and at times it is
hard for me to believe that I’m on the verge of having my driver’s license (16
on February 23!!).

Ever since I was a little girl, 16 had always seemed so old, and driving such an adult thing to do.

But now that I am 16 (OK, close), it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I have
a lot of friends that already drive and some of my close friends are starting.

I’ve driven with my friend who has her permit and I trust her undoubtedly.
Constantly asking our parents for rides everywhere is exhausting—for us and them. Once one of my close friends can drive, life will be much easier for

I know, though, that it is a huge responsibility. My friend Erin has her permit and I was in the car with her and her father the other day. We went out for
breakfast and Erin’s father barked out orders the entire time.

Turn left here! Slow down on the turn! Come to a complete stop!

Erin was exhausted. I could see it in her eyes.

But I also understand how important it is to follow the rules and to drive safely.
Driving is a dangerous next step for all kids. We all want to do it. It looks
like fun. But I see that it’s also scary and that people’s lives are at stake
if there are those not handling the responsibility seriously.

Being able to drive is a whole new level of responsibility because you’re that much more independent. I know once I start to drive I’ll “bug out” the entire time.

There’s just so much to think about while you’re on the road. The signs, the lights, backseat drivers, the gas, the break, the radio, other drivers. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get my license because I’ll be so stressed.

I know I’m going to have to practice with my parents, who are going to be the same as Erin’s father. Turn here! Slow down! Pay attention to the road! It’s a stressful situation for everyone.

My father has taken me driving twice, both times in a parking lot. I freaked out
at 10 miles per hour in a wide-open parking lot. The thrill of having the car
move was totally different than being a passenger. It was fun then.

Now it’s more of a job. I’ve got to prepare to pass my driving test and earn my permit before I can even get behind the wheel. It’s part of growing up, I guess. In a way it’s really scary. In another way it’s really exciting.

Someday soon I will be the scared girl driving a car with my mom or dad nervously ordering me around from the passenger’s seat. Don’t drive past and honk your horn and make me more nervous. I won’t think I’m “cool,” driving. I’m not going to “show off” when I drive.

I’m going to learn to drive and take it seriously and some day I’m going to pay for my own car, something that has always been a big goal of mine.

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