Cherishing Loved Ones

Nearly losing a loved one is a jolt of reality for everyone -- especially me!

Hearing your Mom cry on the phone is never a good feeling. First
of all, nobody ever wants to see anyone they care about cry.

Second, listening to someone on the phone is only a one-sided
conversation. I had no idea what was going on one day when I walked into the
kitchen and heard my Mom crying on the phone, but I knew it was bad. I knew
that my Mom was on the phone with my Pop Pop and something had happened with my

I’m a worry wart, and I immediately thought of the worst possible
situation. My Dad calmed me down but it seemed like ages had passed before my
Mom got off the phone.

Luckily, she reassured me that Nana would be okay and explained to
me what happened – that my grandmother had an accident and was in a lot of
pain, but that she would ultimately be fine.

A rush of emotions hit me at that point. I felt relieved and happy
but I also still felt really sad. Grandparents are special people. My father’s
parents have passed away, but I love my Grand Mom (Daddy’s stepmother) very

And my Nana and Pop Pop are also huge parts of my life, so to hear
that Nana was in trouble set off alarms.

I was sad because I hated thinking of my adorable Nana being in
any kind of pain. I also hate having to think that my Pop Pop had to witness
the accident and would have to handle a great amount of responsibility -- all
the worry and support it would take to get Nana through this.

But on the other hand, I felt a great wave of relief. Thousands of
scenarios were passing through my brain in an instant when I saw Mommy crying,
and to know that Nana would be okay was an amazing feeling.

Even though my shock and worry were short and temporary, situations
like this made me realize how lucky I truly am. It made me take a step back and
appreciate what I have. I know I’m a teenager and I know that we can be selfish
at times, but we all know that our loved ones are what mater that most, far
beyond anything else.

It can’t take anything for granted. I went to go visit Nana in the
hospital a couple days later and she had a huge smile when I walked in, as she
always does when she sees me. I knew this accident wouldn’t hold her back
because she’s a very strong woman. She kept a positive attitude through this
whole thing, which is a very important thing to do. Her strength inspires me
and I know she’s going to come out even better than ever.

It was a scary moment, and a reminder for me to understand the
value of loved ones – friends and family. Is there anything else that really
matters in our lives?

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Pastor Tim Johansen February 27, 2013 at 03:23 PM
She's in good hands. She's in God's hands. I'll be praying for your Nana and your family.


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