Cell Phone Addiction

Ever seen a teen-ager with a cell phone? Of course you have! Cell phones are a vital part of our lives, in fact, they are an important part of our society.

Cell phones are a big part of our generation, something I’m reminded about virtually every day. My parents tell me to “get my face out of your phone.” My teachers don’t allow phones. My peers compare phones and sometimes we have the ability to sit quietly with each other with our eyes on our phones, hardly speaking to each other at all.

What does it all mean? I don’t know. It’s just the way of life for kids and for adults. Cell phones are as much a part of our lives as any instrument we have. We talk on the phone. We listen to music on the phone. We search for information on the phone and we stay in touch with friends through our phones.

When my parents were kids, cell phones didn’t even exist. Kids played sports after school and went sledding and had fun, just like we do. But they set up their after-school activities by talking on the telephone at home, and from what my Dad tells me, his sister was on the phone “all the time” and his parents were crazy about it.

Now my parents go crazy about my cell phone use. Is it really so different from one generation to the next?

There’s no doubt the amount of time kids spend on a cell phone is going to affect our brains in the future. How, I don’t know. I don’t think the phone has limited my “social skills,” because I’m friendly and I talk to people. I don’t hide behind my phone.

We spend a lot of time on Twitter or Instagram or play apps on our cell phones. I understand the fact that “screen time” is going to mess up our brains but yet I can’t stay off my cell phone and, besides, didn’t kids watch a lot of TV before cell phones and weren’t their brains supposed to be messed up?

I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t want one that badly, but I’m still always on my phone. I use it for texting people. I text my friends and make plans to hang out or just talk to them when I’m bored. Technology makes it easy to stay in touch and it always seems that technology is being taken to a whole new level.

Honestly, if I didn’t have my cell phone for a full day I’d probably start getting pretty agitated. I wouldn’t have any idea what my friends were doing and where to go to hang out with them. Nobody really knows what we’re doing until the last second and it’d be a bust trying to keep up with everyone’s plan without texting.

Life is just easier with a cell phone in hand. When I was younger I thought that only celebrities and “rich” people had iPhones, yet now it’s common for kids my age to have one and kids without an iPhone to beg their parents for one. I don’t know many people without an iPhone or a smart phone of some kind.

Seeing how much importance is placed on cell phones by our generation, I can’t even imagine what the next big invention could be. I know that when it comes, kids will feel a great need to stay ahead of technology and have whatever the next “it” item may be.

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