StoryTelling Yoga at Cerca Trova Yoga STudio in Havertown.

Feel Free to Fly!
Feel Free to Fly!
What is StoryTelling yoga all about?  

Connection!  Connection!  Connection!  

StoryTelling Yoga is a happening ------    Just imagine a place that would give you and your child an experience of  how loving, caring , and playful you are. It is filled with  fun, stories, songs and games that help children learn  to relax, find their inner strength and loving hearts.  Adults come away learning  how to be more playful, interactive and loving with their kids. Come enjoy this magical experience and watch the loving presence in your child grow. An amazing vehicle  for creating joy in every ones lives.  

8 wks - $80.00 for parent/guardian and child.  If there is a second sibling that is actively participating there is an additional $60.00 for the class.(Fee's cover all art supplies)  

If you would like to come and try one class there is a $20.00 drop in fee that you can apply to the reminder of the classes in the current session or another active or upcoming session.   If the series you are interested in is underway and the class is not full and you would like to join us we can prorate the series.  


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