Candidate Questionnaire: Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel is the Democratic candidate for Haverford Township's Fourth Ward Commissioner.

Dan Siegel
Dan Siegel

Haverford-Havertown Patch has reached out to local candidates to find out more about them. Here is information from Dan Siegel.

Name: Dan Siegel


Running For: Haverford Township 4th Ward Commissioner


Party Affiliation: Democrat


Positions Held Previously: No other elected office.


Why are you running for office: I enjoy working with the community and there is no better way to connect than serving in local government. Plus, I feel that I have helped bring meaningful change to Haverford Township and would like to continue to do so.


What do you think are the biggest issues you would face in office: As an elected Commissioner, I have been confronted with virtually every type of issue, including parking, traffic and discrimination, as well as the realities of how to make government more effective and responsive while limiting the economic impact it would have on residents. In sum, the issues we face involve maintaining and improving the quality of life for all residents of Haverford Township.


If elected, what would you aim to accomplish:


1. Continue to improve the Township’s infrastructure. For decades, prior Boards have failed to maintain and repair the aging infrastructure, ranging from sewers to buildings (such as the Library, Township Building and Police Station) to other facilities (such as the Public Works Yard where all township vehicles are repaired). By updating or replacing these structures, we allow the Township to operate more efficiently, to take advantage of technology to streamline operations, and to use alternative fuels, all of which will improve services to residents and provide long-term savings in operational and personnel costs.


2. Broaden communication with residents. I believe that direct and informative communications are critical to serving constituents effectively. My methods of communication – ranging from email newsletters to an easy-to-navigate website – have changed how residents communicate with the Township. These highly popular efforts have helped residents to receive government services more quickly, they learn what is happening, and they can make informed decisions about what the Township is doing for them.


3. Eliminate politics in government. While the Board of Commissioners has taken great strides to eliminate many of the problems that plagued the Township in the past, we still have some vestiges of the political system that prevent the Township from truly moving forward. I have always placed the Township’s needs over political considerations, and hope that other Commissioners and candidates will agree to do so.


Website/other information to promote:


Campaign website – www.electdansiegel.com

Constituent website – www.4haverford.com



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