Haverford Year in Review: The Weirdest Stories of 2012

We rundown some of the stories that made us go "huh" this year.

2012 will be remembered, by most serious minded folks, as the year when the Affordable Care Act was upheld, Obama won an unlikely second term, a series of grizzly mass murders reignited a national conversation about gun control, and Hurricane Sandy battered the Northeast.

Not everyone is so serious minded though. Below are some of the plain weirdest stories that happened in and around Haverford in 2012. If you think we missed anything noteworthy, leave it in the comments and we’ll try and locate the link.

  • According to Haverford Police, on July 23 police responded to an incident of vandalism in which an unknown customer allegedly threw a rock through the window of a 7-Eleven when the convenience store ran out of hotdogs.
  • The home of a Havertown family was badly damaged in April when a drunk driver plowed through their living room, but they found help in an unusual place: a reality TV show. Read the full story to see how George came to the “Rescue” of the Heatherwood Road bunch. 
  • Read about a Haverford resident and his unusual doorman in, the aptly titled, A Haverford Resident and His Robot.
  • Army veteran and Havertown man Jordan Ketner was tapped to star in a reality series that addresses PTSD. Read more about Ketner and his show “Band of Brothers” here.
  • A 26-year-old student at Temple’s dental school, and Main Line resident, won a million dollars from Acme in August. Lucky guy.
  • According to on August 21 police responded to a report that, over the course of two days, 2,000 apples were stolen off of a resident's trees in her back year. Read the full story here.



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