Q&A: Pepperoncini Italian Market and Catering

See how things are going at Pepperoncini.

Pepperoncini, the third location of the small (but growing) business, opened its doors in Haverford in October.

Since then, manager Jason Roechlein said the 101 W. Eagle Rd. market has been abuzz. The Haverford location, unlike its Conshohocken and Phoenixville restaurant counterparts, is a market with take-home, homemade goods.

See what Roechlein has to say in a recent conversation with Haverford Patch.

Q: What's the best-liked product?

A: The Chicken Cutlet Our Way and Roast Pork.

Q: What sets Pepperoncini apart from other local businesses?

A: There’s not really another Italian market. All the prepared foods are different and they’re all made in house.

Q: How's business been going in 2012?

A: We've been doing a lot of catering. We did a ton on Christmas Eve.

Q: Will there be any changes after the New Year?

A: We're going to go over our menu during [this] week. We're adding a couple of things on the menu.

Q: What kinds of food do you currently offer?

A: Fresh salads, potato salads -- all house made -- grilled vegetables, different food items on the catering menu. We have a full array of different options for anybody.

Q: Any plans on making the Haverford location into a restaurant like the other two businesses?

A: We'd like to, but we have no room. We're just a small take-out business.

FRANKW December 27, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Wow...insightful and provocative, not since the Times interview with Bishop Desmond Tutu, have I read such intriguing Q&A.
MerionManor December 27, 2012 at 02:43 PM
LOL, I couldn't agree more, Where are the real headlines. I told patch a construction worker fell from steel at the YMCA site, they should have investigated that and made that a top story, not some Q&A that is answered as if we had a "man on the street" interview with a fifth grader at Lynnewood school.
HavertownResident December 28, 2012 at 03:10 AM
I tried this market a few weeks ago and I have to say I was thoroughly unimpressed. The "fresh" salads and other foods in the display case looked like they had been prepared days ago. I looked through the cooked goods in the cooler and couldn't find anything that had been prepared in the last week. Some items like the strombolis and cooked shells were 9 days old. I decided to forgo the prepared food and order an italian stromboli made to order. There wasn't much appetizing about it, other than the generous portion of deli meats. The dough lacked flavor and seasoning and was overall devoid of any moisture. I didn't see anything in the market that could make me go back for seconds. I'll stick to Carlino's in Ardmore.
Hava Nigela December 28, 2012 at 02:16 PM
@HaverfordResident - spot on! I think the Pizza Shells are frozen as the pizza/ dough we had was very dry/bland


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