It's Bike Season, But Which Type is Best?

Bikes have come a long way since many adults were kids. A Haverford bike expert has a short guide on what's available now.


Does the sunshine of spring have you itching to get outside (even if the temperatures are still trying to catch up to the calendar)?

Havertown Bicycle Shop Owner Jonathan Newman says there are a lot of styles to choose from if you're looking to buy a new bike for the first time in years or just replace the one that you've had for years.

Regardless of what type of bike you buy, Newman says there are two accessory "must haves."  A helmet and a bike lock are indispensable and important, Newman advises.

For people who like to take bikes to the shore for summer Newman stocks "boardwalk" bikes. They are designed for exactly what the name implies. They have wider tires, fewer or no gears and are great for pedaling along the boards. 

If you're going to spend more time locally in and around Haverford, Newman describes three of the most popular bicycle styles.

Click on the video clip to get up to speed on some bike basics in just a few seconds.


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