Hot Dog! Wienermobile Rolls into Havertown

Fun facts about the giant hot dog on wheels will make you trivia champ at work or school.


If you're driving around Delaware County or maybe in parts of Philadelphia late this week, keep an eye out for the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

The iconic hot dog-shaped vehicle is in the area spreading smiles, good will and little plastic whistle shaped like Weinermobiles.

Kevin Jacobsen of Wallingford, and Anggela (sic) Warstonh are the Hotdoggers (that's the company's name for them)who drive this iconic marketing tool on wheels all over the Northeastern United States.

They brought the Wienermobile to Havertown Wednesday to celebrate the grand opening of the new Giant Food store in the Quarry Center.

Jacobsen is a Wallingford resident who learned about the Hotddoger job while still in college at Penn State. Warstonh is from Miami and applied for the job before graduating from Florida International University.

Jacobsen still has family in Delaware County and has a few more days in this area before hitting the road again for apearances in Hershey and the Harrisburg area. He quipped he might take the Weinermobile into South Philadelphia to get his hotdogger partner a cheesesteak.

Keep your eyes out as you drive in the area between now and the weekend. If you wave, they'll wave back. They say it happens every time they hit the road.

Weinermobile Fun Facts as Provided (puns and all) on an Oscar Myer Handout:

  • 27 feet long (60 hot dogs long)
  • 11 feet high at the tail(24 hot dogs high)
  • 8 feet wide (18 hot dogs wide)
  • Built on a converted Cheverolet 4 speed/W4 Series truck chasis
  • V-8 6.0 Liter 300 Vortec 5700 Engine that "runs on high-octane mustard"
  • One gull wing door with automatic retractable step
  • Hot dog-shaped dashboard
  • Hotdogger voice-activated GPS navigational system
  • Ketchup (colored interior) walkway
  • Condiment-splattered carpet
  • Computerized control panel with a sound system to relish
  • Removable "bunroof"
  • Rear navigational camera
  • Interior blue sky ceiling art
  • Six mustard and ketchup-colored seats
  • Smiling front grill
  • Official Wiener Jungle horn

Six Wienermobiles are deployed all over the continental United States in the Northeast, South East, Upper Midwest, Lower Midwest and Southwest and Northwest.

The first wiener mobile hit the road in 1936.

FRANKW April 18, 2013 at 01:28 PM
Oh..... the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile....for a second there I thought it had something to do with that Anthony Weiner....and frankly that wouldn't be good for the new Giant store.
Sam Martin April 18, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Is it KOSHER???
JEFFREY April 18, 2013 at 10:51 PM
Glad to see it again. Saw it many times in the past 63 years. I saw it parked in south Phila last time. Always a treat to see and hear it. I wish they would give out real dogs with mustard along with the whistle.


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