Havertown Veteran Tells His Story

In the second episode of Band of Brothers, Havertown's Jordan Ketner tells the story of his experience with PTSD.

Jordan Ketner was joking with another army 82nd infantry airman about their ramen noodle lunch while riding in an open-door military vehicle when a bomb in an oil drum detonated from four feet away.

That's what sent him home from Iraq in December of 2003. When he returned, he slept 12 hours a day, drank heavily and had other feelings of depression.

Last week, Ketner said he aimed to tell that story while starring on an online reality TV show in hopes of helping other veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). "Band of Brothers" aims to spread awareness of PTSD through a competition of three bands -- each composed of four veterans -- that prepare to compete on Veterans Day at World Cafe Life in Philadelphia.

Ketner told his story in the second episode, titled "Leader of the Pack," in which the veterans are assigned to the bands they'll play with on Nov. 11.

In the episode, Ketner's group -- composed of Tim, from Pittsburgh, on bass, John, in the cowboy hat, on guitar and Ronin, a new cast member introduced in the episode, on drums -- wins a competition to assemble a list of five songs the band would like to play together.

The next episode features Eric Bazilian, who is from The Hooters and composed the song "One of Us."

If you'd like to continue watching Ketner, the next episode of "Band of Brothers" airs Sept. 27 online.


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