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Whoa..Was That Car on Eagle Road Really A...?

Rare vintage car might have slipped past many who didn't know what they were seeing.


Whoa. Is that really a...Studebaker?

Yep, that car that you may not have even given a second glance is a pretty rare sight these days-not just in Havertown but on any street anywhere.

It's a Studebaker. If you're not a car history enthusiast or if your under a certain age you may not have even ever heard of a Studebeaker.

A new owner is attempting to revive the once prominent American car brand and there is a website for the "new" Studebaker but this cream colored sedan spotted on Eagle Road in Havertown on Saturday just around 3 p.m. is definitely old school/vintage Studebaker.

The last Studebaker rolled off the assembly line in 1966, ending more than 114 years of vehicle production for the company, according the Studebaker National Museum's website.

Editor's Note: This unsual (by today's standards) car happened to drive by, allowing your humble photographer only time to snap a few shots of it driving away. The license plate, which was not a special "antique" or "classic" car tag has been obsecured to protect the owner's privacy.

Bob Byrne (Editor) April 20, 2013 at 11:16 PM
I don't have any idea who owns this vehicle but it is a beauty but (if the owner or someone who knows the owner could pass this link along) If you live in the area and would be willing, I'd sure like to do a story on the history of your car.


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