PA Towns Ring in 2013 with Pickles, Peeps, Goats and Crayons

New York City may have a Waterford Crystal ball, but Pennsylvania towns have their own unique ways to celebrate the New Year.


Pickles? Peeps? Bologna? Pennsylvania has a tradition of dropping and raising some unique items on New Year's Eve. 

If you want to do something different this year and are willing to take a road trip, take a look a some of the unique objects many central and northern Pennsylvania towns are lifting or lowering. 

Have a sweet tooth? Hershey raises a kiss, Hummelstown drops a lollipop, and Elizabethtown drops M&Ms. Craving salty snacks? Then the bologna drop in Lebanon or the pickle drop in Dillsburg may be for you. 

Any of these events are sure to provide a few laughs and a fun story to tell your friends and family. 

New Year's Eve Drops/Raises in Eastern Pennsylvania

  • Allentown (Lehigh County): Drops a Liberty Bell replica
  • Bethlehem (Lehigh County): PEEPS Chick drop and fireworks
  • Easton (Northampton County): Drops a Crayola crayon
  • Elizabethtown (Lancaster County): Drops M&Ms
  • Lancaster (Lancaster County): Raises a red rose
  • Manhein (Lancaster County): Drops a colorful, lighted orb
  • Falmouth (Lancaster County): Drops a stuffed goat
  • York (York County): Drops a white rose
  • Red Lion (York County): Drops a lion holding a cigar
  • Dillsburg (York County): Drops a pickle
  • Harrisburg (Dauphin County): Drops a strawberry
  • Hummelstown (Dauphin County): Drops a lollipop
  • Hershey (Dauphin County): Raising a Hershey kiss
  • Lebanon (Lebanon County): Raises a huge Lebanon bologna
  • Cleona (Lebanon County): Drops a pretzel
  • Mechanicsburg (Cumberland County): Drops a wrench
  • Carlisle (Cumberland County): Drops an Indy car
  • Shippensburg (Cumberland County): Drops an anchor
  • Bloomfield (Perry County): Drops a huckleberry
  • Duncannon (Perry County): Drops a sled
  • Pottsville (Schuylkill County): Raises a bottle of Yuengling beer

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Do you know of another town that drops or raises a unique object? Share it with Patch in the comments.

NittanyLion95 December 29, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Shamokin has a coal drop :-)
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