Havertown Native Wins $25,000 Hero of the Year Contest

Havertown native and Haverford High School alum Jason Simms has been named the $25,000 grand prize winner of Dickies American Hero of the Year contest.

Jason Simms
Jason Simms
Havertown native and Haverford High School alum Jason Simms has been named the $25,000 grand prize winner of Dickies American Hero of the Year contest.

Simms’ wife Alana nominated him because “He can make you feel special just by looking at you. Jason has taught and showed me what it is like to be loved and safe in every way. He will endanger himself to keep us safe,” she writes in her nomination.

Simms was medically retired in April of 2008 after he was critically injured in 2004.

“He suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face and hands, had his little finger amputated, was shot 3 times in the leg, suffers from TBI from hitting his head on the LAV from the force of the blast, PTSD, had over 20 painful surgeries, had to learn how walk again. Instead of letting this bring him down- like a Marine, he saw this as a challenge and wasn't letting the enemy win,” his wife writes. 

“He fought through the skin graphs, painful hours of therapy to walk and to make fists and he fights every day to his recovery. Although his fight will never be over, my husband will never give up.”

She writes that Simms “will sit and talk to anyone who needs a listening ear, support, encouragement, direction, and just brotherly bonding. Jason misses the Marine Corps every day and wishes he were still active.”

The Dickies American Hero of the Year Contest is a global promotion in partnership with AAFES, better known as The Exchange.


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