Haverford Civic Associations Get Support

A meeting at 7:30 Tuesday night could open doors for your association or for helping getting started.


If you would like to get your civic association more connected to the community, or if you'd like to start a civic association in Haverford, tonight is the night to come to the Haverford Library.

The following information comes from the President of the Haverford Township Civic Council.

Do you want to meet with other Havertown Civic Association Leaders?
Do you know anyone who wants to start a civic association in Havertown?
Do you want to know about how the Haverford Civic Council can help you with many different issues including:
Liability Insurance
Fund Raising
501(C)3 non profit donations
Grant Writing
Park and Playground Improvements
Newsletter Ideas
Communication to your assocaition
Dues to keep your association healthy
Social Events, Parties, Picnics, Movie Nights
Attracting new volunteers
Then come to the Haverford Library tonight at 7:30 and Let's Get Talking!


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