1st Ward Residents Plan Legal Challenge to B.I.G. Billboards

The billboard issue has found its way into state court.

The dispute between local residents and Bartkowski Investment Group (B.I.G.) over their interest in placing billboards in the area has found its way into county court.

At a recent meeting, residents voiced their dissatisfaction with the billboard plan and discussed their plans to mount a legal challenge to B.I.G.

B.I.G has designs on placing three billboards on West Chest Pike at Parks Car Wash, Smile by Design and United Check Cashing as well as two on West Lancaster Ave at Faden’s Jewelers and Bryn Mawr Pizza.

Residents at the meeting expressed concern that these billboards will diminish their property values and distract motorists. They also worried that the township would have no control over the content of the advertisements the billboards would bear.

“The signs they (B.I.G) proposed are obscenely large, 48x14,” said Sandi Donato. “What happens if they fall down?”

Donato is one of the four residents involved in the case, along with Mark Capriotti, Michelle Collier and Margaret Murr. The residents are represented by attorney Michael Crotty. Lower Merion Township is also a party and represented by Attorney Bill Kerr.

Currently Donato and the other parties are trying to spread the word on this issue, which has spread into Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Springfield counties and to the rest of the Havertown community. Residents have also formed a coalition called "Preserve Our Pa Towns," formerly Nobillboards.com, to help the cause.

“'Preserve our PA Towns' includes residents from Marple, Haverford, Springfield, Newtown, Morton, Lower Merion,” said Donato “We have been able to network with other communities facing this same struggle. “

Haverford Patch will continue to provide updates as the case continues.


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