My OMEI: Observe, Meditate, Experience, Internalize

Kerber, Gwendolyn, Between, 2007, oil on canvas
Kerber, Gwendolyn, Between, 2007, oil on canvas

Everyone’s lives are so busy and fast moving these days that sometimes we forget to acknowledge and enjoy the present moment. Even during leisure time, such as visiting museums, we are rushing, and not truly experiencing, instead just witnessing. On average, a museum visitor spends less than sixty seconds in front an art work-what can one really understand or feel in such a short span of time? This is exactly why we at the Michener Art Museum are proud to announce a new program: “My OMEI!: Observe, Meditate, Experience, Internalize”, with the hopes of cultivating the art of looking closely and feeling deeply. By focusing on only a couple of art works at time, we believe that visitors will discover new insights about the works of art and themselves.

Every Sunday, we invite our community members to meet once a week, for an hour, to look closely and carefully at a few works of art from our dynamic changing exhibitions, as well as some favorites from our permanent collection. Through guided looking, focused and meditative reflection, in an unusual and innovative relaxed and comfortable gallery experience (including props and cushions!), we hope to cultivate an environment full of thought provoking and moving dialogue to help our visitors gain more awareness about and closeness with art, other visitors and themselves. We hope you will join us to create new and different and highly personal meaning at the Michener. So, put on your explorer hats and start discovering—a perfect amuse-bouche to set the pace for a tranquil week!

- See more at: http://www.michenermuseum.org/events/?id=207#sthash.qyvD83Hg.dpuf


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